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All our product are handmade and may have slight irregularities or imperfections in colour or texture.

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Imagination to reality.

I often think how can our imagination not be real if we can give them shape, form and purpose.
I painted this and I definitely had my friend @cuprum.quirks in mind whom i trust and believe in from our art college days! Who could give the dream a shape and with all her expertise with brass and copper, who else could have done this! She turned it into this stunnnning brooch!
This collaboration is whimsical artistic pursuit, just to show people, if you can think of it, and know how to give it life! You can!
It is a pleasure to present to you one of our babies from the collaboration.
We have had immense joy creating this just for the sake of creation, and we are keeping these available on my website
ONLY 5 pieces will be available. And that’s it, we won’t be making anymore of this.
If you want to collect this, head towards the website!
And let me know what you think about this piece!
And how would you flaunt this brooch!


Reel made by @theshutterbong

All rights reserved under

Weight 23 g
Dimensions 4 × 2.75 × 0.2 cm

Brass and Copper

Care Instruction

Avoid spraying perfume/ sanitizer/ cleaning solutions or any other alcohol based liquids on the pieces, Do not store under the weight, It is best to keep them stored in a cool dry place, These are very delicate, handcrafted pieces. Handle them with love

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