Aankhiporna Brooch


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All our product are handmade and may have slight irregularities or imperfections in colour or texture.

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I see her every day in the woman who sells flowers just at the bend of the street in my locality, the woman who makes rotis so that every people going to work can have their breakfast on the way! The woman who is rushing to her office after finishing her household chores, the woman who is lost in her thoughts in a rented cab and is going to and fro with decisions, her mind is constantly motivating her to finally leave the job and start the bakery business she always wanted, the woman who was rushing on her cycle from one home to another to finish her work early morning..
i see her in every woman with burning fire in her eyes just with one dream, to exist and survive with dignity!
We named her Ankhiporna as @theshutterbong suggested that this name came to his mind as soon as he saw her, and thank you soooo much to none other than @cuprum.quirks , who, with her skill and mastery with copper has given shape to my imagination , and our women!
Let us cherish womanhood with pride.
To everyone who is a woman and to those who loves a woman!♥️

Let us all embrace the Aankhipornas within us!

Weight 13 g
Dimensions 2.5 × 2 × 0.2 cm

Brass and Copper

Care Instruction

Avoid spraying perfume/ sanitizer/ cleaning solutions or any other alcohol based liquids on the pieces, Do not store under the weight, It is best to keep them stored in a cool dry place, These are very delicate, handcrafted pieces. Handle them with love

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