Illustrations made for Designer Parama Ghosh

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Who else earns only to eat good food?
Who esle never thinks before spending for food?
Who esle gets nostalgic over food?

I am that bengali,who loves to travel.. but after few days my heart cries for my own food, the food my city offers me.
From bhat ilish mach to chingri macher malaikari,igniting the hot bangal ghoti conflict which i jave shown in my previous work, to flury’s english breakfast..
Talking about breakfast.. maar hate banie dewa luchi and alurdom (with those small potatoes available in winters)
I already am drooling.
Foodgasm can sometimes be really more exciting than orgasms when it’s bengali food.
And the loyalty and devotion bengalis show for biriyani and the aalu,is unmatchable.
I should actually have started with shukto,but when maa makes shukto at home.. i eat my whole bhaat with it. It should be somethinh we start our lunch with,but.. how can something so nutritious be so yummy??
And the bori in it.. it is something i will always hunt for. do you? And what if there is art in that too? There comes the gohna
What else will you offer?
I hope dimma was alive to see these little illustrations,she would really be happy!! Who esle is crazy about food that kolkata offers?? Let me know in the comment section!

Illustrations made for parama di.:) #art for @parama_g

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These mini illustrations were made for designer Parama Ghosh.


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