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Halkhata is nostalgia for Ghosh.
In bengali tradition it is a festival which we celebrate in the first morning of a Bengali new year(naboborsho) to celebrate the opening of a new ledger. ( Its a thing for the business men). Ill quote what he told me when I was doing this illustration for Parama di.
He told me-
” In my childhood the eve of bengali new year was extremely exciting for me.
Everyone seemed to be in a festive mood.
With the very first light of the morning,my father used to go to the market to bring all the flowers and sweets and he took the initiative himself,to decorate each corner of the home.
I didn’t have a clear idea about what was happening.
All i knew was there would be good food and sweets and the issue is all about a red book!
I didn’t know what it meant to my father.
He is no more with us,but i have the clear memory of that particular day.
His face lightened with joy and energy.
Everything seemed positive or may be he made everything positive for us on that particular day.” I love listening to him when he talks about his childhood.
I like that spark in his eyes.always.
Watercolour and ink on paper.

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This mini illustration was made for designer Parama Ghosh.


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