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My women-12

As i always say..i dont Know what motherhood feels like.
All my children are “non-living” in literal sense,and are the piece of my mind.

I never dreamt of being a mother,and may be will never want to. Its an alien feeling to me.
(🙏🏼 And that does not make me any less of a woman ). I dont know what responsibility and devotion it requires.
But im sure,as my observation says,its tough.
It’s hard.
It’s supernatural.
To love someone before even knowing what he/she will be like!
And then feeding them and helping them grow!

Is that what we call unconditional love?

Isn’t it something that is closest to nature?
And still we feel uncomfortable till date to see mothers breastfeeding in public?
I do see people ,many women whispering, criticising the act.
Asking to shut the doors.

How far have we come from nature?
Was this kind of journey necessary?
I ask these questions in normal days,like today,
When its not a day to celebrate woman hood.
Do you ask this too?

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