Free Fall

She couldn’t find a ground under her feet,
She couldn’t rest,
It felt like a free fall,
A never ending one,
It happens to her when she is fast asleep.
Deeply engrossed in a meaningless dream which keeps her from waking up,like it’s a surreal story she wants to see,
People she didn’t meet for a long time,
People she wants to see.
A long awaited date with a friend,
A kiss that never happened blooming in the surreal dream.
She badly wants to see what happens in the end,but suddenly- boom-
She slips and falls, through the air and water and clouds and darkness she falls and falls and falls,
Till she wakes up and feels the ground..
Heart pounding fast,rapidly.
Opens her eyes to find the same mundane world, grounding her with reality.

Watercolor and ink on paper
All rights reserved under

original available.

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A4, A5

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