The most beautiful thing about a relationship for me is the ease,
There are people who like the thrill and charm and the unexpected twists and surprises,
I like it too..
But if you ask me what makes me feel good when i look back in time is the ease.
How things looked in the most effortless way.
The moments where we cuddled,and made love,kissed,all the expressions we use to show and cherish the pleasure of love are beautifully etched in the conscious mind.
We know what happened,we think and miss it,
We are aware of it.
But among those there are moments when we let each other indulge in our world of imagination,sticking close to each other not willingly but out of habit,
Reading,and traveling to a different world under the blanket of leisure, waiting for the sleep to unite us,somewhere.

Meanwhile,while we were busy in our own adventures in our respective pages of imagination,we fell asleep, without knowing when,
No we didn’t cuddle,or were not aware of how we are there,but the habit of knowing that there is someone on the otherside of the bed, let’s us sleep in peace.
It’s a habit of knowing, even when we are unconscious,that there is a warmth beside, which i know exists. My subconscious knows it does,it doesn’t require any display of affection,
The exisitance with ease and love is itself the most beautiful beautiful expression.

I like imagining what happens after sleep!

P.s. totally get disappointed whenever i wake up as i look like s storm has hit me, I’m sure most of you sleep like that.. we are no princesses from the books.🤣🤣 But that’s cool, because that’s real.

Watercolor on paper. Both fro @brustro_official

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