Everyone thought her to be an enigma,
She was definitely one for the world,
Mysterious, attractive, and what not.
She was desired.
She was desired for all the magic her nature and exisitance was creating.
But deep inside that enigmatic person lies a soul who wants to be accepted,still struggling to exist, still finding for validation.
She is unknown for what she is.
She is unknown to all the people who desires her.
People seem superficial to her,who falls for her eyes and skin and not for what lies within.
People seldom understood her language.
She tells me how acceptance is desired by everyone on earth.
And it’s okay if you do and also if you don’t.

Take care.

All rights are reserved under www.studiojoyeeta.com

Original and prints available.

So much fun using and playing with Watercolors. And i am personally loving the kolinsky imitation brushes from @brustro_official

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