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I have always been intrigued by what is inside our skull.
How magical yet scientifically organised it is.
The emotions, the urges, the moods.
Everything controlled at the HQ!
Yet humanity had taken sooo long to understand it’s importance, and is yet to discover it’s vivid functionalities.
So many of our problems lie there.
Some signals, some hormones are what you are!!
Here in this painting i was exploring the duality of moods.
Again duality is such a limited thing to say, coz it can be so much more complicated.
We have still tried to tame it down with strange logics and making our own version of reality.
Moods- such an amazing thing to explore.
Humanity has done and expressed it in so many ways through different mediums of art.
Moods- warm cold and so much more.
Here is a little impression through this painting.

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