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Today is bengali new year.
Noboborsho is not just the beginning of a calender, its nostalgia,
Its getting that new shining 1 rupee from elders,and clothes thin enough to worn in the scorching heat!
Today we received 200 rupees from our parents, and now its nit about the money, but the feeling, which is strangely still the same.
the new year always started by touching the feet of our parents when we were kids.
And as kids we didn’t exactly care why we are touching their feet,our target was ti get that shining coin.
Which we saved up to eat something in the evening!
We did the same today.
(Though received more,though asked for a new two rupees coin).😉 Noboborsho is re-living childhood for us.
Shubho noboborsho to everyone..i know im late today.
But trust me… We wanted to post something special.
This is ghosh and me. In our studio.
We are exactly what you see here.except we would never wear so much clothes in this burning heat!😂

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