Commissioned Painting 13

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A very Happy Independence Day to all my country people.

I have so much hope in my heart, that I don’t want to write down here, instead i would like to share this with you.


No better day to post this painting i made for someone. Though it is a piece from my client diaries, it was a privilege for me to capture a woman in her two amazing avatar! Slaying in both of them. Shining bright as a sun.

I don’t regularly share the pieces i do for people, but they are a link between my world and the rest of you.

Makes me feel connected.

And i get to hear fascinating stories too!


Salute to those who are less noise but are doing real work to keep our country safe.


Dm for commission work!

Original sold.

No prints are available.

Watercolor and ink.


All rights reserved under

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