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Prints available on 280GSM high quality textured paper.

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I am a person for whom comfort is important when it comes to clothes and shoes..
Make me wear something that im not comfortable in,and be ready to face my worst mood.

This painting almost shows when my body is in its most comfortable and happy state.

I didn’t mean to say i don’t like dressing up,
But wearing your slippers and your coziest clothes can give you that feeling that nothing else can.. What i had to say is .

Wear whatever you want to wear, just be happy in it,and be comfortable.
Don’t force yourself into things that don’t celebrate your body,
Clothes that take away that smile on your face fo not deserve to be in your wardrobe.
Whatever you like,wear it for yourself.
Be it heels or flip flops,
Tshirts or sarees,
Bra or nor bra,
Tight fitted clothes or oversized ones,
Dull or bright,
Whatever it is,
Make your own fashion.
Just dont let others decide what looks good on you.
Your wardrobe should make you and your body happy first.

Have an awesome pajama and flipflop sunday!!

print size

12" X 12" paper, 8" X 8" paper


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