How is “chudiya pehen lunga” still used in movies by a protagonist in good light be normal in 2020??
But then when i gave it a thought i realised that things haven’t really changed much.
How long will patriarchy disguise itself in a fake mask of equality?
We the people who notice and speak about it are often asked to shut up because some claim we make a lot of noise. Just like many years ago many people were shut down for asking for the rights we are cherishing today.
Being feminine or having choices which are socially stereotypically known as feminine choices is not a representation of someones failure,education,success,weakness or defeat?

I’m not sure whether this request of mine will be heard or not, but i would request all the people irrespective of gender to make one post,wearing chudiya and write the story of how you find yourself successful or worthy and how much you respect yourself or the people in your life whose worth is not measured by what they wear.

This disgusting stereotyping and looking down at women must end.

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