Blind love

Blind love is beautiful.. but it is forced as if imposed on one self without the consent of your brain.

Your heart sings and dances and makes everything look covered with flowers,even when in reality you are just blinding yourself with facts and imaginary bond.

Sometimes it is selfless , but it definitely has its own kick.. like getting into some addiction that is evidently harmful for you,but you just want it, blindly in your life.
You seem strange and stupid to people,
Even to your own brain,but something in you overpowers your thought process and you end up choosing to put that blind fold on and try your best to see the beauty of it.
At the end of the day .. that love is just the blindfold and not the reality.
The ecstacy of such relationships and love can make home in any heart,but it is also very necessary to know when to open the blind fold,
To see how things truely are.
Be blindly in love,but dont remain blind when the stake is your mental peace.

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