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There could be no better thing to paint than starting this series of books and movies with this gigantic enormous story of a beautiful bond and little and simple things by which Apu and Durga made most of their lives in the poverty stricken situation and life at Nischindipur, Rural Bengal.
The movie itself has so much aesthetic that who needs to add on to anything?
The purity and serene feel of “gram Bangla”.
One of my favourite frames of this duo, of Apu wearing his crown and looking out for their share of happiness among the tough and mundane life with his elder sister, Durga. The motherly affection of Durga, their delight and joy by the sound of the approaching train, and coming back to find bigger miseries and darkness waiting for them.
This journey of emotions, in Pather panchali is a Masterpiece, as we all know. i love this frame as this frame had a motion, a sense of search , hope and curiosity in the young eyes. I don’t have words to describe the thrill it gives me every time I read or watch the cinema.

Getting back to this, during this situation, where sorrow, loss, tragedy, frustration and all these raw emotions are at their peak , in and around us, helped me immensely to get back some pace with my work too.

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