Anxiety Series-1

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We face different levels of anxiety in this present world.
In the world of gadgets,less real communication, less nature,less ease.
Some know how to deal with it,
Some know how to live with it,
For some its not a choice,medical help is necessary and for some its a question of existence.
My anxiety is no more a thing im scared of.
I am learning to train my mind.
The mind,
Oh,that is the wildest thing on earth.
Taming it isn’t a matter of joke.
It jumps in lnto places and thoughts where there is no end,
All you can do is swim into deeper shit.
An unidentified force pulling you everyday.
There are days when i feel all the sunshine and positivity flowing out of my soul.

I’ve found peace in my work,in paints and words,
I’ve found not my escape,but my acceptance in this.
I try to paint how my anxiety looks like.
Did you allow yourself to be pulled into darkness?
It’s not your fault,
Trust me,you will survive.
If you haven’t, it’s not yet the end.
Have a beautiful weekend.

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