We are all set for the festive season, with what we have bought for ourselves, with all the jewelleries,make up, and everything which will make us look beautiful and we will cherish this version of our ownself.
We have been revisiting the mirrior,
Admiring us.
How happy we are when we love ourselves.
When there is no comparison.
When we believe how unique we are.

But do you know how fragile that happiness is for many of us?

When i speak of body positivity i do not promote being a certain body type.
It is about dealing with whatever you are,
Embracing your own self and to feel happy.
And then become whatever you want.
I am strongly against stereotyping, and judgements.

When i said that the happiness is fragile,
I mean it.

One person out of no where will come and pass a comment,and damn,all the happiness goes out of your mind like air from a balloon.
Why in need of this validation?

Be what you are,shut people up if they are poking their big nose about how you should feel amd what you should do with your words or deadly smile.

Cherish the pujo.
And do not let your happiness be that fragile.

We are all ananya in some way.
Unique,brilliant, fun and what not.

Happy pujo!

Did this with only ball pen.

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