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Prints available on 280GSM high quality textured paper and canvas

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Ok.. this is going to be a little story for you.. from the depth of my heart and experience.
When i was in my art college studying history of art, Frida was just another artist in the vast syllabus. Trust me on this.. i have seen artists being celebrated differently inside the syllabus and outside in the world where art wasn’t taught at all!
In popular culture she has rocked it and for every valid reason.
But i wanted to share what i felt when i studied about her.
It was like a ray of sunshine in the ocean of male artists!!
In case of art I didn’t keep gender in mind.. but you just can’t ignore the fact how women were held back from popularity in history!
It was a bliss to see a woman portray her approach towards her own life.
Unabashedly she put forward whatever she was, whoever and however she lived her life.
In this current world of rights and wrongs.. and correctness being the epitome of judgement, i dreamt of Frida after a long time!
Her face confident and piercing gaze making me question myself.
Her hand holding a bleeding blue heart.
Seeking love also showing me how dynamic love is.
And even how the absence of it may feel like.
Her red painted brush held as a cigarette like my previous Frida wall art.. because i feel there is no addiction more healthy and beautiful as art for her and for myself!
Keeping us alive and sane.
The red roses as crown dipped in blood.
Her own blood, which was shed for her womanhood, her love, and my heart.
Her beautiful robe.. and awkwardly turning towards me just to remind me the power of expression.
And last but not the least, her cactus throne!
The dream was much distorted and scrambled.
But i had to give it a shape.
Because… i wanted world to see how my Frida looks in my dreams!

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12" X 12" paper, 21"x21" canvas, 39"x39" canvas, 8" X 8" paper

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