My women series – 35.

People generally say no addiction is good for health.
They say anything too much can be harmful for you,
But in my case i have some strange addictions which are harmless and which actually helped me, and trust me, it kind of saved me.

My addiction to create something everyday.
I mean everyday atleast one thing.
If i fail to paint,i think of something and try to write,
This is an addiction which can seem like a reason of anxiety to many – the pressure of creating something new.
But for me,even that pressure worked out well.
In this world full of trouble, competion,envy and all the negative things human are blessed with, it’s such a peace when your priority lies in your own hand,when this helps you in your heart break,when just drawing lines make you feel satisfied and fulfilled,
This addiction actually makes me focus,and save me from my anxiety which every emotional pressure creates on me without my consent.(you know your brain playing tricks?)
But when i create something,i get beautiful sleep,i feel i am important,i feel good about myself,i feel needed.
This addiction,has never harmed me,and has never ever betrayed me.
I have a wierd habit of carrying my heavy bag of art materials everywhere,even when I don’t have the intention to paint,
The wierdest obsession? I keep that bag beside my bed near my head when i sleep.
I have no idea how ghosh is okay with this wierd habit,but this has never harmed anyone so obviously he just smiles when i do this.
I kind of feel secure when these weapons are near me.. Yes exactly, while I’m writing i realised i feel secure..that is the word.
This addiction actually helped me.
So what habit or addiction saves you? Have any? What calms you? Please say coz I don’t want to be the only one with wierd habits!🤣 All rights are reserved under

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