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My women 40.With her aching feet and body after a stressful day,

People knew she was tired physically,
But she longed for someone to understand that darkening under eyes which she is hiding, wasn’t only for the physical stress.if she has walked 3 kms which eventually exhausted her, her mind has walked 1000kms more if compared,
She knew people thought her to be unhappy with something,or someone,
But sadly it had no reason,
In severe cases that is the issue.
And friends aren’t meant to give you the kind of support you might need, which you will get from a professional in severe cases.
We often expect our friends to be there for us,and we think that will solve all the issues,
Friends can hold your hand,make you understand and even cry along with you,
And you are lucky enough if you have one or two at least to whom you can count on,
But they aren’t professionals or doctors who can save you.
It’s another unrealistic expectation we are keeping and ruining beautiful relationships!
I’ve done that mistake,and time has taught me,
Hence sharing it with you.It’s high time we don’t suggest someone to get a friend and open up to a friend without knowing how severe a person’s depression/anxiety/panic disorders /bipolarity etc. are.

If you don’t have any, don’t worry,
Try to be your own friend,and please take help.

Don’t demean anyone’s friendship if they can’t heal you, just look for someone who will hold you and help you take the right decision.

Friend’s aren’t supposed to be doctors.

This is all i have to say in this friendship day.

Be that good friend, more importantly that good human,who will hold the hand of your friend,and take her/him to a doctor/counselor if he/she needs it.

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