Top Sketches For Sketcher’s Joy W07-W11

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Prompts for these weeks were “fantasy”, “myth”, “insect”, “sunshine”, “zodiac” respectively. N.B. The list is in no particular order Hey people!! a big hello to all the amazingly talented and enthusiastic sketchers, now I definitely believe and feel the club was not made for nothing. Even though we didn’t put up the top 10s for …

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Mental Peace

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Mental peace.I have come across this particular term so many times in my life, that right now I cannot ignore the need of this anymore. From closest people to strangers, people live only to justify and satisfy their own ego. And no one is an exception. We have all done it at some point of …

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Tagore, or what sounds more pleasing to my ears is Thakur. Thakur in Bengali also means God, and trust me what else can justify and qualify as the surname of a person so massive, huge and God-like.Robi Thakur is in the DNA of Bengalis, even if you are not a Bengali, even if you are …

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