“Zindagi Migzara” Bookmark

| zindagi migzara |

This is a Persian term, which means- life goes on.
I have fallen in love with this term when my childhood friend,rather the only close friend i had made me read kite runner. She was the reason why i literally started reading books.
I was a firm believer that if things weren’t forever,its is not for me.
But things changed.
The real world was exposed and i understood,that a relationship does not need to be “forever” to qualify the quality test!

This term is tattooed in my heart from childhood,was painted in the wall of studio,
And will remain with me for ever,cause it taught me,
That even if something doesnt last,even if feelings fade away, zindagi migzara… Life goes on… Carrying the sweetest memories.which can definitely be cherished anytime.

Hand embroidered with quote.(can be customised)
For all the booklovers here!
Will be made on order.

Handmade , Hand-embroidered bookmark.

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