The Trap Of Privileges

It is not your fault if you are born with privileges,
I don’t like people pulling down people with privileges just because they have it or have earned it and are enjoying it.
Please enjoy every bit of it.
And also complain about your problems.
Your problems are also problems.
And trust me there is no sarcasm in the words i just wrote.
But.. but.. but… You are extremely wrong,or to be more precise inhuman, when you have priviledges and you don’t acknowledge that .
When you have privileges and don’t accept the fact that those priviledges are helping you, Keeping you safe.
When you have privileges and you deny that other’s are in trouble.
When you have privileges and deny other’s misery.

When you have privileges and you don’t like to look at the hungry labourer because that will impact your mood.
When you have privileges and you take it for granted and use it against others.
And demean others,
You use it to hide the truth.
When you have privileges and play a blind eye towards reality.

Your privileges are allowing you to keep your mind positive.

P.S. when you are stuck,hooked to a certain thought process,your mind doesn’t allow you to see all the perspectives, unhook the ties and blindfolds, see things the way they are.

Give it a thought.

Watercolor and ink on @brustro_official papers.

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