The Newtown School Wall

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So what would you do if you suddenly feel the child inside you coming out?
What would you do if you get a chance to relive your past?
In my former years in college i experimented with various styles.. developed a crazy habit of doodling.
Anytime i got a blank page…i just needed a pen..and i could fill it up with all the crazy things and characters in my mind.
When The New town school approached us and invited us to their robotics room,i felt so nostalgic! The characters i drew in my earlier days,kids are now taught to make them! Woow! I was instantly attracted to the walls,the room..and the complete white space i got along with the independence to be crazy with my imagination.
We created this world of doodle robots for the students!
Ghosh and me..we felt like ” professor shonku ” and enjoyed the project so much that we are not even tired after this huge work. …

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The mural was done on the four walls in the robotics lab of The Newtown School.


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