The Famous Family


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I’m sure you know this family.
They come to us every year.
The kids love it so much that they even come alone to spend some time with us. We say it’s their mother’s home.
The kids comes twice.. once with the mother and once alone, i guess they like travelling solo sometimes.
Today is one such day, one of the daughters came here, all dressed up happy and is being welcomed with flowers and gifts and definitely alot of books, musical instruments and whatever she likes.
They love her so much that they keep this day specially to celebrate her visit.
We are so fond of this family, that whenever they come it’s a celebration for us.
You must know them, some call them gods and goddesses, but we, Bengalis, call them family, and that’s how we are.
We aren’t scared of them, we don’t scare people for them or with them, we embrace them as our own, dear family.
We embrace them like our own mother sister brother sons and daughters.
We take power from them, learn from them, we feel good in their presence, we feel at home.
We can just close our eyes, and seek inspiration from the talent each of them have.
Sharing a family picture of the mother and the kids when they arrived last time, I’ll send it to the family through one of the daughters who has arrived today.
I hope She will take it safely to the family back home, and keep it close to their hearts. ❤️

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