Strings Of Passion


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My women series : 34.

Lying down under the open sky,ears glued to his chest,to hear the heartbeat play beats that could put her soul in an ecstatic mood.

She found her happiness and peace in lifeless instruments which came alive in her hands, by listening to her voice.
Her passion ,her dedication,her love of life.

Love isn’t always another human for many people,
Love is where you out your soul into.
Where you find peace and solace.

She was one of them, whose love was music.
Music spoke to her like a secret lover,
Putting in ointments in every wound of her soul.
And her music made love alive.
Many heard voice which eased the nerves of the anxious and made the static hearts leap and skip beats.

She knew she could communicate to the world,not in phrases words or paintings,
For her music was her language,or more appropriately the only language she spoke truthfully.

I wish i had her in my life,would sit for hours and listen her play and touch every string of my heart.

Lag jaa gale.. k phir ye.. haseen raat ho na ho.. P.s. this was actually born from a picture of the great Lata ji. And i can hear this song when i look at this painting.
Saraswati is an impersonification of such souls.

Done on @procreate

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