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We have always wondered how minutely the nature has been designed, science has always been curious about every detail of it,and i love it so much.

Every little details speaks of it’s individuality yet they are so interrelated,
We often have witnessed same patterns, behaviours in species and things which are not actually related,or even close..
I know science has the answer to many,but how wonderful it is for all of us to witness this amazing work of art constantly surprising us and breaking our pride of knowledge.

I love every time we think we know everything,we actually end up looking like fools.

I always paint birds from imagination, believing a strange things – this bird must exist,somewhere,if not in the present may be in the future,or the past, and if not in reality,in my imagination it exists,and exactly nature has given us this power to imagine.

We all come back to one thing – nature.
amazing,huge, providing,giving and generous.
We think we take care of her, but we forget one thing,nature will exist even without us,it doesnt need us,we need it. To exist. This is the ego of human kind,that we think we can manipulate it,
But it’s always the nature who is allowing us to survive,

And what we do? Sit and decide what is beautiful,what is not.
How small we think,how little we appreciate.
If nature is beautiful,you little exisitance is beautiful,and precious.
Embrace yourself.

Take care.

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