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Prints available on 280GSM high quality textured paper.

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My women series 28.

I see the diversity and think,how all of us survive, fight and struggle to live together in a place we name society.
Society-yes a place where some powerful people have engineered a meter to track how eligible a person is,to stand in the society with their head held high.. In this bright sophisticated and masked society,there are people like her who earns their living by selling sex.

They charge money for some service given.
To satisfy the untamable lust of people.

And in this society meter they are seen as people who should never stand with their head held high and speak about their job.

A strange job,where the people who are buying sex isn’t spoken ill about,but the people who are running their families with their unimaginable tough job is considered as ” not acceptable “. In her shiny saree,face caked with make up,which literally is eating up her face,body soaked in perfume to hide the smell of paintful poverty,
She stands there,head held high,in my eyes,
Educating and trying to save her dear ones for the hell that society has created for them!

Watercolour and ink on paper.

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A3 paper, A4 paper, A5 paper


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