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We made this during quarantine,but we didn’t know when to post, today i got so many messages asking whether or not ill be posting something for the legend’s 100th birthday.
Satyajit Ray.
Basically for us,for bengalis and for the whole world,this particular person cannot die.
That is the beauty of being an artist.
For me it is personal.
Very personal. When i was in the second year of my art college i really got pissed of my college and didn’t feel like going there regularly and due to so many other problems, i was one day crying sitting on a rock beside a tea stall where me and ghosh regularly went to spend time(may be because we didn’t have enough money to go to cafés).
I was crying and telling him that i don’t like this routine,i don’t like what they say about art,i feel differently and i feel claustrophobic in that space,they don’t understand me etc.(tantrum of a stupid kid who liked being rebel for no or every cause)

Ghosh was consoling me and said don’t do this.. 2 more years,finish your education and then do whatever you want to, i replied saying but satyajit ray o to art college chere diechilo..(i.e. satyajit ray too left art college after a certain time without taking the degree)
I still remember him saying- “tui Satyajit Ray?”
(Are you Satyajit Ray?) And then i silently went and finished my 4 years in art college .. finished the degree without making any other noise.

We all look up to him,and want be like him,
We all idealise him like god.
But at the end of the day he is “the one and only Satyajit Ray”

I follow his path like a blind fan- -work hard,use up what you have around you, don’t make excuses just create and never think any work is less. A creator’s work is to create,and one should not waste a single moment and keep creating till the last breath.

Tomar mogojastro k selam.

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6" X 4"


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