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( abditory means a hiding place)


My mind has been my abditory.

A place where i have stored and hidden all what i am aware of.

All things that has my interest.

All that touches me.

Decorated it with all that i need to know.

And discarding everything that hasn’t severed my purpose.

We have all done that, now or then or someday!

It’s that selfish place, disguised as a generous palace.

Not always.

Because we are all aware of the term “reality hitting us hard”

Because how long can one ignore? Ignore the fact that things exist outside this “mind abditory”

Things as real as the blood flowing through the body.

Things that don’t touch me in ways some stuff holds the capability to destroy me.

But they exists, and captures someone else’s abditory.

Just like making a garden, perfectly handpicked and carefully selected,

All our mind abditory is nurtured, watered with information soothing our vision and ideologies.

But there are some minds,

That aren’t a perfectly cared garden, but a jungle.

A wild one, where the owner of the abditory doesn’t have control over all the things flowing in.

Where the owner let’s it lose.

And keeps it open.

How are you taking care of your “mind Abditory “ ?


Remember to keep it healthy and compassionate.


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