Me And Women 2

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Me and my women who speak for me, or for whom i speak.
Femininity has been looked down by many oppressors, but still couldn’t be suppressed or silenced.
Me and my women, It’s like becoming same, getting dissolved in my own painting, getting absorbed by the people and their stories.
Feeling their emotions, sometimes it’s too much for my heart mind and body.
The waves of emotions have always engulfed me unguarded.
Art and creating a world for myself and me was important.
I needed to live so many lives so that all the emotions my brain produces get divided and shared.
May be this is how my art helped me.
Me and my women who are living life on their own terms, finding out their ways, unique, may be strange to many, but they proudly call them their own. My women who can’t really speak but tells you their own story everyday.
It saved me, you saved them, we saved each other.
My women are women because they identify themselves as women,
They do not care in what body they were born in, in which society they thrive, and also what society has asked them to be.
They aren’t any checklist for others to put their preferences on.
They are their own queens.
They make their own “queendom” !
Captured by @theshutterbong

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