Kolkata Brooch 2

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Hand embroidered brooch.

I made this yesterday.
It was international mother language day.
My language,my city,my kolkata is in my blood.
Its home..its nostalgia.
We grew up here,we fell in love here,we criticised it,and what not.
We have loved kolkata always,and believe me,kolkata has always loved us back.
Even if you are not a bengali and dont know about kolkata..
Do come and visit.
I bet,you will know,kolkata is not a city,its a feeling. ..
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Little things lighten up your world.carefully stitched by hand using selected fabrics and threads and handpainted add this to your daily attire,and style it the way you want it, to let your fashion speak for you.

Handmade embroidered brooch.

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