Inktober’21- Day 3

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Day 3.

Anger is a very complicated and dynamic subject for me.
It has so many aspects, advantages and disadvantages that is is tough to fit this particular in a box.
It feels anger as word should have different divisions regarding the source the action and the reaction of the whole scenario.
Anger is not something that is useful in situations where one needs to decide and think and be logical, it sometimes shuts down so many doors in our minds that our power to decide becomes weak, where are situations where anger is necessary, often in situations of injustice, anger gives birth to revolution.
There is the other kind where a person uses anger to hide their insecurities and drawbacks.
Anger is all over so complicated that is is not easy to describe in a sentence or here in this case in one illustration.
I have put forward the most important thing i feel about anger i.e. the knowledge to control it even though it can wrap you around and make your it’s slave.
Controlling and knowing how to use the anger in a way such that it will not be able create a damage which you cannot heal.
Btw, what makes you angry?

Ink on paper (also used posca marker for the red)

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