Indefinable Love


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I’ve heard of unconditional love, I’ve heard of one sided love,selfless love,blind love, i prefer calling my own love story indefinable,and also feel that every little love story is indefinable.
It just cannot be defined in a sentence or words because every expression and story of love stands out as the remainder of prevailing humanity.
Even your love for flowers,nature or anything!

I don’t know what exactly makes me fall in love.
I literally can’t give any reason, why we actually started considering each other our partner/lover/or whatever the world and society named it.
All we knew we both didn’t want any definition,or name,
We both Didn’t want to bind each other,or hold on to each other for anything other than love.

Love – I didn’t fall in love for the sake of falling in love, never felt the pressure of being with someone, i loved how it happened,and as i have always said it might not be forever, no promises,no rules,no contracts made.
It happened,And will happen till it fades.

Losing each other will be like losing a friend,but what is friendship and love without the natural attraction and passion?
Love is natural,and not being in love is also natural!
I have always seen in many cases the ultimate reason of existence is to get someone to live with,and in this race to get one,we forget that it was never a compulsion,it just needed to happen! And if it doesn’t, it’s not the end of your life!

The criterias you set for your life, are often limiting the possibility of what you could get! Just let it flow like the shikara on the lake, slow, beautiful,with the ripple of waters,you feel it.
Forcing one self into something is definitely not the definition of love, because love is most beautiful when its is “indefinable”!

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