In Her Blues


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In her blues she remembers people telling her “you are too emotional”
“You don’t always need to feel so much!”
“Your feelings make you weak”

But why is it so wrong to feel?
This is a power we humans have got,and we are so ashamed of it, why?

She wrote in her diary, that her feelings make her feel empowered, her feelings actually tells her what she wants,likes and loves.. those feelings when smashed under the feet of someone else,makes her feel terrible but also makes her aware that she is in a wrong place where her emotions aren’t values.

She told to herself that she feels,and cares for other’s who feelings and she loves it that way.

This has many times pushed her into this blue,but still, she knows she wins as a human, because she can feel the emotions,cherish everything she is born with.
She considered it to be a super power.

She grew a garden with all the colours of her emotions.
Her mind faced everything,and chose to prioritize her own and other human feelings.

She never backed out,and dealt with everything,

And the next time someone told her you are very emotional,she took it as a compliment,and pride.
Proud to be human.

Take care.

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