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Pujo aste aar kodin?

I am not the person who goes out alot during pujo,
Not even someone who likes to struggle in the crowds,
But i love the rush,i love the crowd,i love how so many different people enjoy the days forgetting about all their shitty problems!
They just live,
Becomes a child,
Stands in the que,
Butlys balloons,
Eats whatever they want and dresses up like its the party of their life.
How many people have fallen in love.
For me the best thing about pujo was i could be out of my house…anytime.
Middle of the night?
No one will stop!
For me,durga pujo was independence.
That is why,the dhak still makes my heart leap with excitement.
I still feel the little girl in me is getting the permission to live. Free!

The durga idols are being made,
I can smell it,
I can smell it coming and with all the glorious and divine gifts.
Gifts that you can’t see,
You can feel it touch you,like a fresh soothing storm.

Was designed for @parama_g

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This mini illustration was made for designer Parama Ghosh.


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