I Love You

I love you is something either we say too easily or we fail to say properly in our whole life.
Sometime we treat it as a question even though it is a statement and expect our partners to have “i love you too” as a response ready in their tongue.

But how many time do you actually mean it?
If you ask me,
I don’t remember saying i love you in the best days and moments of our lives.
I believe this little verbal expression is just too over rated in front of actions and gestures that can literally mean to world to people..
The more i grew up the more this three word became an action to me.
For example giving a head massage says a lot more to my partner than just telling him how much i feel for him!
I believe everyone has some action or little things that they do to express love when they really feel it.
Discover that and then you will understand how overrated these words are.thanks for the suggestion to draw us for our 1000th post.. though they do.not look completely like us.. but the feeling is where we exist.


Made this painting with @cretacoloraustria tempera paints from @creativehandsartmaterials
If you want to get these paints please visit their site and avail a 15% off with the code JOYEETA15.

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