Fruit Of Passion


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Prints available on 280GSM high quality textured paper and canvas.

It is advised to get a frame after receiving the print to avoid size mismatch

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The after taste of a passionate soul stirring connection once felt is just what i would call the fruit of passion.
The result, the out come.
I do not regret anything that’s done with whole heart and passion.
We control and modify our reactions so much! That sometimes it’s even tough to identify what’s even real!
Why do even people deny the pleasure the joy they are blessed to experience.
The touch of passion is what i will carry.
Deep in my heart.
Love, Throbbing like the beating heart.

There are times i do write paint and feel about love. And it has been so dynamic for me each time.
I’ve tried to define.. but definitions are too small a cage, to hold love!
So i keep expressing every changing thoughts.. and keep them safe in creations.

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2'x1.5' canvas, A3 paper, A4 paper, A5 paper

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