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Very very very few relationships on earth are “not” based on expectations,
Not only lovers,but mostly every relationship we create and value are based on some expectations.
It is not bad to expect, it’s natural, it’s extremely normal, but sometimes they are just the reason of sorrow.
We expect people to be a certain way,we expect people to behave a certain way,to express in a certain way etc, without being able to understand that world will not be the way we want it to be for us,
But will act naturally,
We all know that popular phrase-
Expecting a fish to climb a tree will only bring disappointments,
We bind ourselves in our minds in a certain way that when something happens which we didn’t expect, we don’t understand how to react,
We don’t know how to deal with it.
We are shocked or over joyed,or spell bound.
But unexpected things are the reality,they are true and mysterious,
I like things to happen, which i didn’t plan in my mind,which i didnt prepare myself for,i like things to just hit me hard and leave me confused,and make me think that i never knew his could happen,
But may be that is another kind of expectation from life,hence we are all stuck in this circle.
Just like this unexpected display of affection from a prtner who isn’t very romantic,in a very unexpected moment, confused her,and she doesn’t know what to do, instead of just cherishing the moment,and jumping in for a kiss she didn’t design in her mind!


P.s. many of you will recognise the bird here!😋

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