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Prints available on 280GSM high quality textured paper.

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Day 10 of 100 day drawing challange.

The fun about line drawings is there cannot be any mistake,
All you need is steady hands and confidence,and years of practice.
In life too, when you move like a pro,and behave like water,smooth and flexible,you have a certain level of confidence in you,again to a limit which will let you know where to stop.
This is why i love ink and watercolor the most because of the confidence it requires and again a little over confidence can just spoil everything and it’s so unforgiving that I’ll just have to throw away the whole thing even for a small mistake!
This makes me calm, because this actually teaches me balance and tells me nothing less and nothing too much will be celebrated.
Its challenging.
A common question from young artists who are starting is how can i get the followers,how to start earning,
If you want a fast and a overnight success,im the worst person to come to for suggestions,
I don’t like immediate success,i like everything coming slow,and coming to me only if i deserve it.
If i get it for free and no hardwork,it doesn’t excite me.
I like years of hard work shining in one’s work, consistency and patience reflecting.
You just can’t be proud of it after that,
Time and the loss of energy behind all the hard work you have done,will keep you grounded and humble.

I’m still enjoying my journey,and slowly touching one at a time, working really hard for more, someday, Hoping something will satisfy this soul.

P.s. i love drawing people with uneven shapes and form, because i believe it’s how nature work. It never makes everyoke same, may be she is scared of getting bored too !!

I’ve used sennelier india ink.

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