Customized Mini Painting With Easel 4

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Not a fan of big fat weddings,but what i love about this whole wedding thing is the aesthetics, how beautiful and artsy every little details,like the paan pata,gach kouto,the kajal and the chandan and last but not the least the laal tip.
Not a fan of the compulsion of wearing symbols of wedding if I don’t wish to,i only like them for the aesthetics,i appreciate the colour combinations.
So many people are involved,like the weavers who make the sarees,the artisans who make the sholar mukut,the jewelleries and the designs, if not for myself, i cherish it to see people happy and all excited for their weddings.
I love women in their bridal look, and slaying it,
How does every one manage to glow and look all so excited!
It’s kind of sweet!
It is a couple’s choice how they want their wedding to be like, and the people who are actually involved,
Judging people on the basis of what they choose for themselves isn’t cool,untill and unless they are not harming them,
It’s a treat to the eyes people looking so cheerful and beautiful and royal even in their simplest approach!!

Custom made for someone!

Contact us to get your own customised mini paintings with eisel.

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Contact us to get your own customized mini painting with easel


4" X 4"


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