Commissioned Mural 2

It was really amazing creating this mural for a really happy soulful and lovely couple.
Just beside this wall,there is a window.a big one,from where the City looks beautiful.its airy.
We got the information that they love each others company and cherish the friendship, we imagined the characters standing beside the open window talking for hours, and watching the Beautiful scene, enjoying the air.
A conversation that may not be important.
“Golpo kora” — chatting aimlessly is my favourite form of romance!
We personally spend ours just talking about food,politics,movies and any damn thing that comes to our mind!
And believe me,that strengthens our relationship much more that saying “i love you”. @theshutterbong

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This was a commissioned mural for a couple at their house. The dimension of the wall was approximately 7ft. by 10ft.

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