Sketcher's Joy

an initiative by Studio Joyeeta
Hi there!
Studio Joyeeta is coming up with a new initiative Sketcher’s Joy a sketchbook club, for fun, for practice and for every good reason! We welcome all art enthusiasts who are interested in joining a club which will deal with random sketch-booking/journaling/sketching/calligraphy/etc.
We are starting this club so that people can communicate, grow with each other and also develop a good habit of sketching and drawing!
Anyone who wants to be a part of this can sign up, and this team will be given tasks/challenges and different programs and activities.
We are planning and will definitely evolve with time.
Ideas and opportunities are welcome.
We don’t have to create masterpieces on every page of our sketchbooks. Sketchbook is a place where we can be ourselves, can do whatever we want, and go wild!
I would request you all to paint from imagination or from anything around you and also based on the programs we will be creating.
Plagiarism and exact copies of other artist’s paintings will not be encouraged as that will not help us grow and also will create problem for others, you can recreate works of the great masters with credit, but not the living and functioning artists!

The way we will function for now:

1. You need to sign up for the club, and become a member.
2. You will get all the new activities and program updates via a newsletter (email).
3. We will be creating a topic/subject /prompt/activities which you will be notified by mail, you will also get the dates to post it on Instagram.
4. You will have to post it with the hashtags #studiojoyeeta #sketchbookjoy #joyeetajoyart #sketchersjoy
and tag me on my Instagram handle that is @joyeeta.joyart. 
5. Those who don’t want to post and still wants to send us your art, feel free to DM us on Instagram @joyeeta.joyart or WhatsApp us.
I will be sharing my sketchbook scribble from that allotted activity too.
In future we will be arranging meets/ web meets, invite people on live and on our YouTube channel and many more!
But this will only be for the members who will sign up for this, and be a proud member of the club. Who will be whimsical with the art,  but serious about this whole initiative.
Also welcome and nominate your friends so that they can join the club too.
Let’s unite to make a good habit! Which may help each of us with art!
Happy painting!
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