Top Sketches For Sketcher’s Joy W06

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N.B. The list is in no particular order
By @anushka__617
By @__j_a_y_a_n_t_a__
By @artofkeerthana
By @aru_ki_rooh
By @geo_sandipan_art
By @pen_strokes13

Well it’s no more a secret that you people are doing soooo well. I get all the messages and mails about how it helped or how you are enjoying it. I even got to know that you people interact among yourselves and help each other grow.

Art competitions have always repelled me. I don’t believe that one has the right to decide what’s better. But I’m totally in love with how you people are constantly coming up with new work, and expressing yourself in the most unexpected manner. All the best for the coming week!

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