Top Sketches for Sketcher’s Joy W04

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N.B. The list is in no particular order
By @srish_tea._
By @_mousumis
By @intrepidshilpa
By @artoholicrup
By @anushka__617
By @luminofera
By @aru_ki_rooh
By @pen_strokes13
By @_.artmoury._
By @vinmeentales

Hey sketchers!
Again this was an amazing week, fruitful and fun. This week every person who has posted their work for black and white prompt has surprised me with all the amazing and innovative work. I so appreciate how original you people are. And how you are keeping the pace on. This week’s prompt is out and we know we all will have another week of brainstorming. Have Fun!

8 thoughts on “Top Sketches for Sketcher’s Joy W04”

  1. 👍👍 Definitely.. this week’s sketches were truly exceptional.. loved the artwork… Kudos to all who r participating. Waiting to explore more n more.. Thanks Joyeeta and Ghosh..

  2. I always believe original artworks are not to be judged coz it represents one’s state of thinking and creativity. Every time I open the hashtagged Insta pages, I get overwhelmed with every artist’s creativity. Thanks for making us challenge our creative corner of brain. I’m so happy to be the part of this club. I’m glad that my artwork has been featured in top 10 sketches this week. Kudos to every member of this club.

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