Top Sketches for Sketcher’s Joy W02

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N.B. The list is in no particular order
By @littlecraftcloset
By @kaapi.chop
By @kalatmak_karigar
By @_bihongo._
By @moubanichakraborty11
By @mindset_thoda_new
By @blooming_lotus_art

Hey sketchers!
Again this was an amazing week, fruitful and fun. Though I got lesser posts this time on Instagram, I hope you people are doing it for yourself. This week’s prompt is out and we know we all will have another week of brainstorming.
This time I’m not posting top 10, but top 7, because of the lesser posted pics! I hope to see more of them the next week, because we need to keep the pace and energy at the peak!

Have fun!!

8 thoughts on “Top Sketches for Sketcher’s Joy W02”

  1. Did a lot of brain storming for W02. The Top 7 looks so good. ❤ Already started thinking how to put this week’s prompt on paper. Excited. 🤩

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