Top 10 Sketches for Sketcher’s Joy W01

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N.B. The list is in no particular order
By @meerachandran__
By @geo_sandipan_art
By @_bihongo._
By @artofkeerthana
By @srish_tea._
By @luminofera
By @textured__talks
By @kalatmak_karigar
By @intrepidshilpa

What a week it was!
I definitely enjoy working alone, and doing my own things, but this is the first time I cherished how it feels when so many people actually brainstorm together, just for fun and practice. No dirty competition, because I don’t believe one can compare and compete in the field of art. Art is an expression and every individual has different and unique way of expressing. These are solely my favorites from this week, but I wish I had made this top 20 or top 50 so that i could add more. I loved the energy and enthusiasm in all the sketchers in the club. I hope this grows and grows, and becomes more fun. We know all of us have already started thinking about this week’s prompt. But lets appreciate some of the beautiful sketches done last week. If you want to check all the other artworks, please check the hashtags –#joyeetajoyart #studiojoyeeta #sketchersjoy . Appreciate each other, help each other, and make this world a beautiful place for artists and art enthusiasts. Cheers.

15 thoughts on “Top 10 Sketches for Sketcher’s Joy W01”

  1. Enjoyed thoroughly the process.
    My serotonin levels gets so high out of excitement that I can’t express. Super happy to be a part of this. Checked others’ art too they were so inspiring. Waiting for W02. 🤍

      1. Amazing work… Love the 10 are really awesome.
        Art is liberating. Thanks for giving us opportunity to sketch regularly..waiting eagerly for week 2. I hope i could also make into the best ones sometime soon.

  2. 😍Feeling awesome to be one of the top 10 sketches!!!! Awesome initiative and looking forward for the coming weeks!!!😇💫🙌🏽

  3. Thank you so much… so happy to be a part of this …. all the art works are so inspiring🥺🥺🥺

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