What Inspires Me?

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What inspires me? I get this question the most. What makes you make those art? What made you develop that style of yours?
I often fail to answer for various reasons, 

1. It is very tough to explain the struggle of years in few words.

2. It is often tough to portray the whole process in words.

3. The journey is so long and complicated that sometimes I myself forget what actually brought me here.

But, Today I somehow managed to rearrange my memory and tried to recall the important times and phases that actually helped me and brought me to this situation.
No particular artist or person inspired me. I might sound like a snob, but if I get to the details you will understand why i say that. There were many people, artists, situation and emotional state that actually helped me grow. How can I give the credit to one single thing/time/person?
Did evolution take place in a day? Similarly a style of an artist doesn’t just pop up one day, its a long process of trial and errors, of trying out styles, sleepless nights, numerous scribbles, lots of envy and admiration for other’s works.
I religiously followed people whose paintings, illustrations I liked. I took suggestions from everyone, but seldom acted on them. I only absorbed those suggestions, which worked for me. I may have seemed like a brat not listening to elders, but how can an individual, how big an artist he or she is, decide what gives me comfort? What makes me sleep with satisfaction? It is only my mind that would react to that.

If you see me work from the very beginning, it has evolved. I’m still on the journey. For an artist that journey never ends, that evolution is for ever. Just act on how your mind reacts to your work, You will get what you want in that journey. Don’t settle until your mind feels the happiness after finishing a piece.

P.S. One who wants to create a new style of their own can try by breaking and making real things and people in different forms and pattern. See other artist’s works, and make sure your pattern doesn’t look like their’s. That is the perfect way to take inspiration. Learn their pattern, unlearn it, and then create your own. Have a happy journey.

14 thoughts on “What Inspires Me?”

  1. This is so much inspiring and now you are become a inspiration to artist, your style is incredible and each and every art of yours speaks. ❤️

  2. Your art work is a great inspiration to many artist. You amaze and plunge artists into a flood of new inspirations within no time. By observing your artworks many individual artists can learn new techniques, compare their work to your work and improve designing skills. Your creative outcomes dazzled and inspired many so far.

  3. In love with and in awe of your art… Every piece that I have seen so far is visually stunning, thought provoking and more often than not brings a smile to my face. Such a joy your work is.

  4. Koel Chatterjee

    Thank you for this piece. Makes me feel I am on the right path, even if the path is quite long. Huge fan of your work and your thoughts! ❤️

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